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Our reputations are staked on providing a higher quality of service than other development firms. We care about your success as a business owner, executive, or manager.


We have solved these problems hundreds of times over the last two decades. We do what we say we're going to do.


No copy and paste here. We care about best practices, properly used patterns, testability, scalability, and reusability.


You are paying us to solve problems, not watch television. We're highly motivated to be as efficient as possible.

 About Catalyzed

The Catalyzed Corporation was founded in 2014 with a mission to build high-quality, high-grade software applications for Fortune 1000 and startup companies. The company was born from over 20 years of industry experience building server infrastructure, web & mobile applications, interactive websites, and API-driven platforms. Located in Mountain View, Catalyzed is in the heart of the Silicon Valley and is constantly growing from the best that the startup community has to offer.

You are the true testament to our success. Here are what a few of our clients have said about us.
Scott Gardner

Scott Gardner

Director of Engineering

"Kevin has great communication skills and uses any means necessary to help either get his own questions clarified, or more importantly to help our own engineers understand and solve technical challenges. These actions go above and beyond any contractor I have worked with in the past. Kevin has great patience and the desire to teach people best practices for our platform, not just a working solution."

Kris Robison

Kris Robison

Microservice Architect

"Kevin is an amazing consultant and architect. He very thoughtfully considers all aspects of a project and uses his vast domain knowledge to design not only the required system, but also the ongoing workflow required to maintain and expand it. He asks very astute questions and helps his customer make intelligent decisions."

Scott Lipera

Scott Lipera

Vice President

"If I were looking for someone to lead a technology group and/or someone with deep systems knowledge, Kevin would be my first choice to talk with."


We write about engineering standards, best practices, and solutions to problems we experienced with past clients.

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